Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Preparing for Your Springtime Wedding

With April here, it's time to talk sunshine, warmth and happiness. Comfy temperatures, blooming florals and light, bright colors all around.  It's an obvious choice for young couples to get married at this time of year. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right!
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However, one thing you can always expect in April and May is rain. Lots and lots of rain.  And a few other overlooked factors that might steal the spotlight of your big day. So plan accordingly and keep in mind the following tips to ensure your wedding happens with as little obstacles as possible. 
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When it comes to rain on your wedding day, you might not want to chance it. Just settle for an indoor ceremony that keeps you and your guests dry.  But perhaps an outdoor wedding is what you've always dreamed of... you have options.
1.) Your venue might have both an outdoor and indoor location to hold the ceremony.  Speak with your planner about reserving both spaces in case of rain. You'll more than likely pay more for the option, but it's better than soggy feet in the mud. 
2.) If your first choice venue doesn't have that option, have a second venue on the back burner.  When you send out invitations to your guests, send a note with the details of Plan B. 
3.) You truly want the outdoor experience. Then get yourself a nice, big, white tent.  It's impressive the scale and opulence some of these wedding tents can provide.  There are canopies and those that zip closed.  You're still outside, but not nearly as uncomfortable.
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Some other factors people forget are holidays and taxes.  Easter is an interesting month for it sometimes happens in March and sometimes happens in April.  Children are off from school for Spring Break; families plan weekends to relax and bond. Plan accordingly to not interfere with your family's preparations or your guests'.  Taxes are another huge event that you may forget about.  People tend to get pretty uptight and stressed out about finances during tax season. Try to avoid a date just before the deadline for this very reason. (Courtesy of's Jonathan Stewart offers the same tips and more in his video "How to Prepare for Spring Wedding Season": a guide for wedding planners during the pre-summer months.
For now, we'll leave you with some cute decor ideas from the one and only, Martha Stewart
Be inspired to place your scenery on your cake! 
 These little girls look adorable with their posy-topped parasols.
 Make your centerpieces a parting gift for your guests to take home!
Flowers tucked into guests' napkins is a cute way to incorporate this season's blooms.

Keep these above tips in mind and feel free to share any other great advice or decor ideas you may come across in our comments below! 

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